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Ubuntu Global Jam: Call for Events!

A great method of building our community up is to get people together face-to-face to work together, develop social bonds, and have fun. We see this at every Ubuntu Developer Summit; when we get contributors together, it helps seal a sense of camaraderie as we work and play together. All of this helps unite us all as we work to bring Free Software to the masses with Ubuntu.

9 March 2011
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Putting Your Brick In The Natty Wall – Jono Bacon

In this article, Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, guest posts and discusses a rallying call for delivering Unity in Natty. Wow, what a cycle Natty has been already. Back in Orlando, when Mark proposed Unity for inclusion in Ubuntu 11.04, we knew this cycle was going to be a busy one, and the Design, Desktop Experience, Ubuntu Platform, and community teams have been working at full steam to make Natty a rocking release.

14 February 2011