ubuntu budgie nimusoft deal?

It’s rumour no more — three products pre-loaded with Ubuntu Budgie are listed on the Nimusoft website.

You may soon be able to buy Linux laptops and PCs pre-loaded with Ubuntu Budgie.

pc side view
one of the image teasers

That’s if hints dropped on the Linux distribution’s social media pages are to be believed.

Ubuntu Budgie has had a pretty knock-out couple of years, going from unofficial remix to an official Ubuntu flavour.

Now, it seems that success is set to continue with some sort of hardware deal, possibly with a UK-based seller of Linux hardware.

Possible Ubuntu Budgie Hardware Deal

Two context-free images have been teased by the Ubuntu Budgie social media accounts recently. One is of an ultra-thin laptop, closed; while another is a side-on shot of an iMac-style desktop PC.

A simple reverse image search reveals both to be products manufactured by Clevo (best known for making laptops and desktop PCs sold by System76) but sold by UK company Nimbusoft.

The laptop shot is of their £799 Bellona laptop, while the PC image shows the £599 Neptune all-in-one.

Nimbusoft already offer Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu MATE install options on their devices. Seeing Ubuntu Budgie added to that list isn’t exactly a major leap.

Despite being (apparently) based in the UK Nimbusoft is not a company I’ve personally heard of. They’ve never reached out to us through our press channels, and I can’t recall ever seeing our readers mention or recommend them, either.

Furthermore, the company claims to working on its own Linux distribution called ‘Eloquent OS’, based on Plasma 5. A custom app store is in the mix too.

Admittedly we’d prefer to prop this rumour up with something more substantive than a few social media posts — so for now consider this post pure speculation. It’s us thinking out loud.

With that in mind I’d caution against idly throwing money in anyone’s direction for Ubuntu Budgie products until something more definite is announced or unveiled.

We’ll keep this one filed under Rumour Mill for now — but if we see anything else, we’ll let you know!

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