laptop with stickers on Open-source fans seem to like covering their laptop with stickers.

Is that a broadly painted statement? Probably, but it’s also kind of true.

I reason this: open-source users tend to be more  intelligent, independent and conscious of their computing choices, meaning they’re also more passionate about and invested in the tech they use everyday.

The sticker slapped on the back of a laptop is an easy way to express this side of our personality, as well as a passive way to advocate for our favourite projects, distros and initiatives.

Also, it’s just flat-out difficult to come away from any open-source conference or event without a stack of stickers stashed in your bag, and you need to use ’em for something, right?

This waffle brings me on to this week’s reader poll.

How Many Stickers Do You Have on Your Laptop?

While Microsoft and Apple have the big-bucks billboards beside roads, open-source has a more intimate, influential promo slot on the backs of laptops.

Maybe even your own.

I have a couple of stickers on my laptop, including an OMG! Ubuntu! logo. This circular orange badge has, a few times, encouraged strangers to start up conversation about the OS, and this site.

Working from a coffee shop most weekdays I see a lot of laptops and a lot of laptop stickers. These range from purely cosmetic designs (mostly on MacBooks) to people promoting their own company with a well placed decal.

But I want to know what sort of sticky-backed shoutout your laptop is signalling. Do you create a carefully arranged layout with neat edges and clean lines? Or do you opt for a crazy collage of overlaps and angles?

Perhaps you don’t have any, and leave your laptop looking like the it’s just been unboxed on YouTube. Or maybe you have so many stickers you’ve added an extra inch to your laptop’s depth when closed!

We want to see your logo coated cases

Feel free to show off your sticky-back covered laptops in the comments, by tagging us in your Instagram photos (we’re @omgubuntu) or tweetin’ an image on Twitter with the hashtag #LaptopStickers.

If you’re shy you can lodge a vote in our poll:

Image Credit Robert Agthe

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