Its announcement may only be a few hours old, but the new Ubuntu Tablet interface is already being met with a phenomenal level of praise from users and developers alike.

Alongside the who, what, why and when that was revealed earlier today Canonical published two slick presentation videos to demonstrate its features and behaviour.

The first of these, the ‘trailer’ version, is short and ‘to-the-point’. It touches on the core interface quirks and is great for giving a – and don’t hate me for using the word – swish overview.

But, as was the case for the Ubuntu Phone announcement back in January, Canonical also have also produced a longer video.

Clocking in at some 6 minutes, this one goes into greater detail about the tablet interface, its new ‘Side-stage’ multi-tasking feature, and a host of other bits and pieces.

If Thursday seems like a lifetime away, or you’re just eager to learn a bit more about the shiny new look, this video is well worth watching.

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