The Ubuntu-based Linux Mint distribution have announced a new tie-up with small American hardware reseller ThinkPenguin.

For every Mint-branded computer sold by ThinkPenguin 10% of the total sale will be given back to the project.

The New Jersey-based ThinkPenguin, who also operate in the UK, say all items sold by them are “freedom compatible” and should work with most major Linux distributions.

This announcement marks the second such agreement between Linux Mint and a hardware company. Back in June the distro teamed up with small PC seller ‘CompuLab’ to sell a Mint-branded version of their fanless PC.

Hardware on Offer

Mint-powered laptops start from $499, which will net you a 14″ 2Ghz Intel Pentium B940 device, with 2GB of RAM and an 80GB HDD.

Desktops begin at $249 for the (unfortunately named) ‘Penguin Wee‘ Atom-powered mini-PC.

To browse the Mint-powered offerings from ThinkPenguin hit the button below.

Linux Mint PCs from Think Penguin

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