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Kazam Screenrecording App Fixed for Ubuntu 11.10

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Kazam Screen recorder is a useful tool for all kinds of activities, so we were sad to hear that it had issues running in Ubuntu 11.10.

Thankfully developer¬†David ‘Big Whale’ Klasinc has picked the application up, dealt with its dependency issues and parked it inside a PPA for easy installation in Ubuntu 11.10.

Kazam – A Quick Recap

Kazam is a screen recording application that offers the following features: –

  • Can record sound and screen
  • Outputs files in .mkv format
  • Indicator applet for pausing and ending recording
  • On-screen countdown
  • Built in YouTube and Videobin uploading

But what are the results like? Are they better than the often-woeful outputs of GTKRecordMyDesktop?

As you’ll see in the demo video below Kazam doesn’t produce flawless results. The video I captured and uploaded seems to have a slow frame rate, giving a staggered video with missing-animations.

The convience of integrated YouTube uploading certainly goes someway to increasing the worth of Kazam, but it doesn’t match the fluid recording results produced by GNOME-Shell’s built in screen-recording app.

Edit: The application has since been updated with additional features. Click here to read about them and learn how to install it.