A new port of KDE’s Oxygen theme that aims to provide seamless integration of Gtk/Gnome applications in KDE has been released.

The widget style, which can be used on GNOME desktops without the need for KDE, has seen its developers take a different tack from other efforts created in the past. An entirely new GTK-engine has been created for the effort with attention to detail, speed and even animated ‘fancy features’ of KDE’s Oxyegn are being implemented.

Initial impressions are good. Reader Samuel S. describes the work so far as working ‘perfectly’.

“I’d say that this in combo with the official Qt theme “GTK+” makes apps on both GNOME/Unity and Plasma desktops look native.”

Spot the difference: Dolphin (back) and Nautilus (front)


The first stable release is available to download now, with the next major release to follow in 6 months time.

Building the theme requires libgtk2.0-dev, cmake, and build-essential. 64 bit users should not use the 64bit flag in the instructions for (K)Ubuntu.

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