Minitunes, the new music player from the creator of desktop YouTube application MiniTube, sees it’ first official release today, developer Flavio Tordini has just announced.

MiniTunes uses Qt and Phonon, makes use of either GStreamer or Xine and aims to ‘[unclutter] your music listening experience with a clean and innovativeinterface’

This first release of Minitunes does lack features many users would consider standard, but remember that the aim of MiniTunes is to “unclutter” your music experience rather than replicate the bloat of other players. As such you won’ currently find Last.FM Scrobbling or the ability to save or load playlists. Nor is there support for advanced audio effects such as gapless playback or crossfading.

With the caveats in mind you’ll find that MiniTunes is an aptly named player with a fantastic UI that certainly makes using it preferable to the now-archaic browser modes instituted by the main media players.

There is also an extensive to-do list that pencils in some of the above features – and a boat load more – which is viewable here. If you’re a fan of MiniTunes and the direction then please consider donating to Flavio.


You can download binaries for Linux @

MiniTunes is also available for OS X Snow Leopard and, shortly, Windows.

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