Canonical Reverse Java Uninstall Decision

Canonical have reversed their decision to remove Java from Ubuntu users’ machines.

Oracle, the owners of Sun Java, retired the ‘distributor license’ that allows operating system vendors to provide the package to users in August of last year. This change in terms forced Ubuntu’s security board to announce that it would be removing Sun JDK package from its ‘Partner’ repository, and ‘upgrading’ the official Java release on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04 with an ’empty’ package, thus disabling it. as a ‘security measure’.

Sun Still Shines for Java Users on Ubuntu [Updated]

The news that Sun Java 6 will be removed from Ubuntu caused some users to panic.

But as great a move as this turned out to be for open-source, OpenJDK is by no means perfect. Many applications, particularly those used in enterprise, don’t play nicely with it, or refuse to run at all.

Thankfully there is a solution.