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[How To] Change Unity-2D Launcher Color and Opacity

The pace of development on Ubuntu’s Unity interface sees ever-more options added to it, much to the delight of tweakers everywhere. But for Unity-2D, the lighter and less resource intensive version of Unity, customisation options […]

11 February 2012

[How to] Install Unity 5.0 in Ubuntu 11.10

Unity 5.0 hit Ubuntu 12.04 last night, but Ubuntu 11.10 users don't need to miss out: Unity 5.0 is also available to install in Oneiric.

14 January 2012

Facebook Unity Applet for Ubuntu Puts Alerts on Your Desktop Launcher

Google+ might be the cool new kid in town but big ol' Facebook remains the grandaddy of social networking for many. Keeping up with Facebook on Ubuntu has never been an issue; there are a tonne of applications available that let you do everything from read your stream to upload photos and update your status.

28 July 2011
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Chromium Daily adds Unity progress bar and badge support

The latest daily builds of Chromium come with a neat gift for Natty users - Unity Launcher progress bar and badge support. This is the second Unity-specific feature to land in Chromium. Ubuntu Application Menu support landed in the 'about:flags' staging area back in mid-April. Read on for install instructions.

3 May 2011
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Drag and Drop Imageshack uploader for Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher

The Unity Launcher is nifty for many reasons - the way it hides, the way you can drag file types on to the launcher to open up in an appropriate app, etc. The following 'app' by reader Vincent makes it niftier still by adding a 'drag and drop' Imageshack uploader to your launcher line-up...

12 April 2011
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ALT+F2 returns to Unity – looking rather swish

Alt+F2 returns to Unity - with some visual kick.

11 March 2011
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Do launcher says “I ain’t dead”, sees first new release in a year

"It lives!" cries the release announcement and by jove I suspect many will be surprised to hear that the original launcher app 'Do' (formally known as GNOME Do) has been updated this week.

9 December 2010