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Ubuntu 13.10 Beta Releases Available for Download

Beta releases of various Ubuntu flavours, including Lubuntu, Kubuntu and the newest addition, Ubuntu GNOME, are now available to download.

5 September 2013

Ubuntu GNOME Remix Releases First Alpha

The new GNOME-flavoured spin of Ubuntu 12.10 has released an early alpha build for testers to try. Aiming to provide as 'pure' a GNOME experience as possible on Ubuntu, the spin uses the latest beta of GNOME 3.6 as its default desktop environment.

3 September 2012

GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming October 18th

It's official: a pure GNOME edition of Ubuntu is to be released later this year. 'Gnomebuntu', to be based on Ubuntu 12.10, will be released on October 18th - the same day that Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu all release their latest versions.

30 August 2012