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Project Bossanova announces playable demo, pledge campaign, open source client

At Project Bossanova we've announced a playable demo, a pledge campaign, the open sourcing of the client and also that the final game will eventually be cross platform.

5 April 2011

Project Bossanova announces contest, partnership with Desura

Another fortnight, another exciting update from the folks running Project Bossanova. Project Bossanova have just now announced the results of the poll in an email to the mailing list, along with a partnership with game distributing company Desura, and also possibly most excitingly, a contest for indie developers to submit their games for potential sponsorship.

14 March 2011

Project Bossanova unveils new website, FAQ and poll

Project Bossanova yesterday unveiled a new website, along with more information about the project and a poll where users can vote on the genre of game they'd like to see the project focus on.

28 February 2011

Announcing Project Bossanova

On behalf of Ohso, I'm proud to announce the launch of a new startup, Project Bossanova.

3 February 2011