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About OMG! Ubuntu!

We are the world’s biggest and most popular Linux-orientated ‘web magazine’.

Founded back 2009 as a way to ‘keep track’ of tips and tweaks, the site has since evolved into an active, vocal and prominent member of the Ubuntu and wider Linux community.

What do we do?

  • We cover the latest Ubuntu news and developments
  • Review and showcase the latest apps (and their changes)
  • Give opinion and insight on various issues facing Ubuntu and Linux
  • Interview members of the Ubuntu community and beyond
  • Produce informative tutorials and guides (in both text and video)

You can download a hi-res .png of our logo by clicking the button below.

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Writing our name

You’re free to write the name of the site in citations and sources however you like but we generally prefer it to be written as OMG! <space> Ubuntu!.

Two separate words, two exclamations marks.

Quotes from us

If you’re writing about Ubuntu or Linux and require a quote or thought from us – as one of the leading Linux news-sites on the web – we’re more than happy to help. We try to keep our soundbites as accessible as possible – so if you’re not writing for an audience au fait with Linux we’re primed to help.

Get in touch via Make sure to put the deadline of your piece in the subject so that we can help as soon as possible.

Copying Content

All text, unless otherwise stated, is copyright of Ohso Ltd and may not be reproduced elsewhere, including in print, without prior permission.


For most part images used on this site have a variety of copyright assignments. Screenshots are generally copyright of Ohso Ltd and should not be used without prior permission. We’re pretty relaxed so if you want to use something elsewhere get in touch and we’ll probably be happy to ‘OK’ it.

About Ohso Ltd

Ohso Ltd is the UK-based digital media company to which OMG! Ubuntu! belongs.

It was created by Joey-Elijah Sneddon, and Benjamin Humphrey back in 2011.

As well as encompassing this site, Ohso Ltd has also published software on the Ubuntu, Android and Chrome platforms.

About Joey-Elijah Sneddon


  • OMG! Ubuntu! created in 2009
  • Autumn 2010 – Site moves to WordPress on dedicated hosting
  • Spring 2011 – OMG! Ubuntu! for Android application released
  • Summer 2011 – Ohso publishes first game to the Ubuntu Software Centre
  • Spring 2012 – Site moves to AWS, maintained with Canonical’s JuJu service
  • January 2013 – Site moves to managed hosting with WebSynthesis
  • February 2013 – Brand new Android application released. Extensions for Chrome, Firefox & Opera follow.