To help our readers stay up to date with all of our great content we have a number of applications and extensions available.

OMG! Ubuntu! Android App

Want to keep up with OMG! Ubuntu! on the go?

Our shiny new Android app allows you to just that – and read articles with all of the visual flair they display on the main site.


OMG! Ubuntu! for Android on Google Play

OMG! Ubuntu! Chrome Extension

Get notified of the latest OMG! Ubuntu! when idling away on the internet with our handy Chrome extension.

omg ubuntu chrome extension

Available for Google Chrome, Chromium and Chrome OS via the Chrome Web Store:

OMG! Ubuntu! Google Chrome Extension 

Also available for Firefox and Opera 15+

OMG! Ubuntu! Chrome Web App

A simple glorified bookmark for your ChromeOS Apps List or New Tab page – it’s the quickest way to get to OMG! Ubuntu!.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 14.42.17

OMG! Ubuntu! Chrome Web App

OMG! Ubuntu! Unity App

OMG! Ubuntu! Unity App

OMG! Words!

In addition to the applications listed above we also created a frantic typing game (n association with Sigmoid Games) featuring a number of unique twists – not least of which is the faces of our writers!

Download OMG! Words! for Ubuntu 12.04