enlightenment 0.24.0 screenshot

I’m not entirely sure why I write about new releases of the Enlightenment desktop as and when they materialise but I do — as this post attests!

I guess long-term my plan is to kick the tires on a recent build of Enlightenment (likely via the terrific Ubuntu-based Bodhi Linux distro, though the desktop is also available on BSD). Y’know: to see what’s-what, write my thoughts up, and/or make a video (or both. Probably both).

But for now I just gawk at screenshots and ferry word on its changes.

Building on spring’s big Enlightenment 0.24 release comes version 0.24.2.

Now, there’s nothing particularly notable about the changes bundled inside of this second point release, but its welcome all the same (and the road to Enlightenment is paved with, er, patches…? Not sure where I’m going with that).

Among the bugs squashed and errors corrected is:

  • Fixed null exec command running
  • Fixed handling of screen with no edid
  • Fixed signal.h, execinfo.h include for some libc’s
  • Sped up pager thumb loading significant;y
  • Handle zone changes during startup
  • Longer efreetd timeout for update event
  • Fixed e’s xsettings support on 64bit to use the right types
  • Fixed preloading of icon
  • Fixed e’s wl backlight/dimming logic to be correct and reliable
  • Fixed noisy logging on invalid exec handle found
  • Fixed shot blurriness if size didn’t quite match
  • Fixed battery on openbsd to use right constants
  • Fixed cpu freq setting on freebsd etc
  • Handle error exits from dependency libs as an error and bring up alert
  • E system – isolate stdio so it doesn’t affect ipc on stdin/out
  • Polkit & Askpass password – handle escaping right
  • Fix tiling issue with float/unfloat
  • Fixed shell autohide when clock data up
  • Handle x io error with proper exit code and exit

In all it’s an appreciable array of modest improvements. If you want to go hands on with the latest code you can download Enlightenment source code and build the “desktop” — technically E is a collection of modules which resemble a desktop — you’ll find everything you need on the official project website.

A new version of Terminology, a terminal emulator designed for use with the Enlightenment desktop (but available elsewhere too) is also available.

Have you tried E24 recently? I’d love to know what you think of it
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