As we edge closer to the final Linux Mint 19.3 release later this month, additional details about the upcoming updates are being revealed.

Note: The final stable release is now available to download from the Linux Mint website.

We now know that Linux Mint 19.3 will ship with three new apps and feature a revamped set of artwork that, Mint say, “…makes 19.3 feel really fresh”.

We know at least 2 of those 3 new apps already: Celluloid (a user-friendly front to MPV) and Gnote, which replaces Tomboy. The third is Drawing, a Microsoft paint analog.

The Cinnamon 4.4.2 update is also at the heart of this Mint release.

On paper the uplift looks like it brings a sizeable set of bug fixes and stability improvements, just don’t expect to see any major new user-facing features.

Mint also say it is readying ‘tray support for system reports’.

This (slightly confused sounding) feature will, amongst other things, alert users to workarounds, issues, and updates to Linux Mint. The feature is also being back ported to earlier versions of the distro to deliver upgrade notifications too.

Eager testers will be able to download Linux Mint 19.3 Beta from Tuesday December 3rd, though you can grab it a day early from Linux Mint download mirrors.

Before then, let me know the changes and improvements you’re hoping ‘Tricia’ will offer when it arrives later this month.

Big ♥ to Etc Etera & Throwdown for the screens!

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