Linux enthusiasts on the hunt for a reliable USB image writer will be pleased to hear that a new app is in development.

The plainly named ‘ISO Image Writer‘ is a new app by Jonathan Riddell, a prominent KDE developer and project lead of the KDE Neon software stack.

The new app, Riddell says, is based on the Qt5 ROSA Image Writer, a cross-platform USB image writer that is recommended by KDE Neon, among other Linux distributions.

But ISO Image Writer can do more than write .iso files onto a USB stick or SD Card, as Riddell explains:

“[ISO Image Writer] adds ISO verification to automatically check the digital signatures or checksums, currently supported is KDE neon, Kubuntu and Netrunner.”

His app also uses KAuth so that it doesn’t run the main UI as root.

An initial alpha build of ISO Image Writer is available to install on KDE Neon Developer Edition — just search it out using your preferred app-install method.

Source is also available from

Riddell says he hopes to add AppImage, Windows and macOS installers in the future.

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