Mcomix is my go-to comic book reader for Ubuntu, but for my KDE desktop I wanted something that feels more at home in the Plasma experience.

After a bit of digging I came across Peruse.

Peruse Comic Book Reader

There are many ways to read comic books, and one of those that has become more common in recent years is on a computer.

Peruse was created to make reading comics on a computer. “as easy and pleasant as possible”.

A handy welcome page greets you when you launch the application. This shows you your most recently read comics, and indicates your progress through them with a simple loading bar. It takes a single click  the click to pick up where you left off in any of your most recently read comics.

Peruse supports a comprehensive array of comic book and eBook file formats, including:

  • Comic Book Archive (cbz, cbr, cb7, cbt, cba)
  • Portable Document Format (pdf)
  • ePub Books (epub)
  • DeVice Independent files (dvi)
  • DeJaVu (djvu)
  • Compiled Help (chm)

You can browse your comic library in app, sorting by title, author, series or recently added.

When reading a comic you can quickly access an ‘actions’ sidebar with navigational and display options.

Peruse isn’t the prettiest of applications. Although it looks fairly well proportioned in its official screenshots I found much of its interface to be ungainly. A little bit of trimming, spacing and padding would go a long way to improving the overall look and feel of the app.

Peruse is available to install on a wide range of Linux distributions by using an OBS repository. An AppImage of the app is also available and should run without issue on any modern Linux desktop.

Visit the Peruse Website

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