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Xubuntu Looks To Community for 14.04 Wallpaper Set

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Xubuntu – Why So Blue?

Xubuntu are looking to the community to help source a set of wallpapers for the upcoming release of 14.04 LTS. 

In a contest similar to that run by Ubuntu twice a year, Xubuntu developers plan to ship a number of community-sourced designs with their next release.

The team hope to collate a ‘multifaceted set of wallpapers’ that are ‘not all blue’ (as Xubuntu’s wallpapers traditionally are). The distro’s team of artwork enthusiasts will pick a number of those entered to ship with the OS by default.

Interested in taking part?

Wallpapers, which have to be licensed under CC-BY-SA, should be submitted to the Xubuntu Wiki. A caveat to entry is that you need an Ubuntu One (formerly ‘Single Sign-On’) account in order to add your wallpaper to the Wiki page.

Some helpful tips: