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Get Your (Linux) Game On: Steam Autumn Sale Highlights

Brush away the fluff from under your mouse, crack those knuckles and sound the bargain klaxon – the latest Steam sale is upon us! 

Valve’s game sales are always incredibly popular, and it’s easy to see why with discounts on some games being as high as 80%! Now, with more Linux games available on Steam than ever before, we take a look at our favourites, all of which are available for Linux.

All of these games listed below are on sale until 3rd of December, with many more great deals available for 48 hours every day up until then.



The fun platformer game Awesamenauts has been slashed by 50% to £3.49/$4.99. It’s mainly a multiplayer game where you get assigned in teams with strangers which fight against each other. It’s sort of a cross of a platformer and a tower defense game. You can also customise and upgrade your character.

The game comes with enticing graphics and is continually updated, making this a lasting purchase.

Buy Awesomenauts on Steam

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Trucking Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2, together with the Going East! expansion pack cost only £6.79/$11.89 in the sale, a cut of 66%.

Alternatively, you can get base version for £5.09/$8.49, or if you already own it, the Going East! expansion pack costs just £3.99/$6.49 for the duration of this sale.

Much as the name suggests, ETS2 is a trucking simulator.  It’s centered around western and central Europe, with the expansion pack adding more of central Europe and east Europe. It’s a fun, relaxing game with good graphics and a vibrant community centered around the World of Trucks website.

A free demo is also available if you’re unsure about it, but so far I’ve played 53 hours of it and loved it!

EuroTruck 2 on Steam

Worms Reloaded

Worms Reloaded

Another cool game that’s been discounted this week is Worms Reloaded.

Currently rocking with a decent 66% off, the title can be bought for £6.11/$6.79.  A modern remake of the classic PC game, Worms Reloaded features lucid graphics, and simple game mechanics while losing none of the silly gameplay that made it such a hit back in the day.

Buy Worms Reloaded on Steam