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OMG! Ubuntu!

Weather App Stormcloud Adds New Customisation Options

Desktop weather tool Stormcloud has been updated with a handful of new customisation options.

Alongside existing support for multiple locations, custom colours, and specifying weather units comes:

The colour changes will be the highlight of this release for many. A warm background colour is used when the weather is warm, and a colder colour when the temperature dips.

Temperature Controlled Background Colours in Stormcloud

Not to your tastes? Don’t worry: the ‘chameleonic background’ option is still available. You’ll find it listed under ‘Other’.

One other notable change is that the temperature report has been changed to the ‘Average Temperature’ rather than highs & lows.

Stormcloud is available to buy from the Ubuntu Software Center and is priced at $2.99.

Buy Stormcloud on Ubuntu

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