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OMG! Ubuntu!

Today Only: Get 60% Off Bobby and Monster RPG 2 Courtesy of @Gameolith

The fifth day of Linux Game Store Gameolith’s winter sale sees 60% sliced off the price of two titles from indie games developer ‘NooSkewl’.

The double pack contains old-school-style RPG game ‘Monster RPG 2‘and addictive arcade game ‘Bobby‘, and, for today only, can be purchased for £1.08/$1.60/€1.20.

Gameolith NewSkewl Double Pack | [US] [UK] [EU]

The Games

Monster RPG 2 is an old-school styled RPG game, that has a a strong vibe of early ‘Final Fantasy’/’Dragon Warrior’/’PhantasyStar’ games on the NES, SNES and Master System.

I.e. Very good.

Bobby is a bit less absorbing, but no less addictive – as the following trailer shows…