We do more than feature projects. We like to help them, too.

Novacut logo


We contributed $1,000 to Novacut's kickstarter pledge drive, and helped the project reach its goal of $25,000 by regularly updating readers on its progress. In all, over $10,000 was donated by our readers.

Zeitgeist logo


OMG! Ubuntu! helped develop the new Zeitgeist Project website, and we promote the project on a regular basis. OMG! Ubuntu! is an official Zeitgeist partner.

elementary OS logo

elementary OS

Thanks to OMG! Ubuntu!'s coverage of the elementary project, the team had over five hundred pre-orders of the Jupiter release CD, and gained many new contributors.

"Thanks to OMG! Ubuntu!'s commitment to promoting Novacut's Kickstarter campaign, we managed to reach our $25,000 goal."

Jason DeRose, Novacut Project Leader

Ubuntu manual project logo

Ubuntu Manual Project

The Ubuntu Manual Project received hundreds of new contributors thanks to coverage on OMG! Ubuntu! The project then successfully shipped a free 200 page manual to over 100,000 Ubuntu users.

Linux 4 Hope logo

Linux 4 Hope

The non-profit computer donation project Linux 4 Hope received more donated computers than ever following its feature on OMG! Ubuntu! Volunteers also helped create a new logo for the project and redesigned their website.

The Banshee Project

OMG! Ubuntu!'s regular coverage of the Banshee Project has helped fix dozens of bugs, highlight new features, and provide valuable feedback for the project's developers.

"You guys have helped us out a lot! It made a huge difference for us and I can't thank you enough! The supporters you brought us has helped our goal of becoming a true Non-Profit Organization."

Garron Haun, Linux 4 Hope

Polly Twitter Client logo

Polly Twitter Client

OMG! Ubuntu! ran a contest to choose the name for this upcoming Twitter client. And thanks to regular coverage it has benefited from wider testing and developer contributions.

Debian Administrators' Handbook logo

Debian Administrators Handbook

OMG! Ubuntu! is helping to raise money for the liberation and English translation of The Debian Administrator's Handbook, by Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas.

Guyadeque logo


When lightweight-music player Guayadeque needed a new logo, OMG! Ubuntu! offered to run a contest and poll to choose one. The logo designed and chosen by our readers is still in use by the project.

"Ubuntu benefits from a strong Debian project. OMG! Ubuntu! knows this and your promotion really made a difference."

Raphaël Hertzog, The Debian Administrator's Handbook