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Do You Remember the KDE Bouncy Ball?

Laughing as I threw a small red ball around my desktop — that's my earliest memory of using KDE. But what happened to the bouncy ball widget?

10 March 2017

Do you Remember Using These 5 Linux Apps?

A reader's tweet left us feeling all nostalgic so join us as we go back to 2009 and look at 5 Linux apps we all used to use, but now never do…

9 February 2017

Whatever Happened to… Stormcloud?

Shake your umbrella in my direction if you can remember a bit of software called Stormcloud.

6 July 2016
ubuntu light desktop

Do You Remember Ubuntu Light?

Do you recall Ubuntu Light?  Amidst the flood of Intel-based netbooks in the late 2000s came this custom instant-on OS from Canonical. Ubuntu Light was to be the proverbial glint of free software at the end of the […]

23 May 2016

Whatever Happened to… Unity Web Apps?

Am I the only person who misses Unity web apps? The feature debuted in the Ubuntu 12.10 release and was, in my opinion, far ahead of its time. With a single broad stroke Ubuntu 12.10 took the web from being confined in a browser to an integral […]

13 May 2016

Whatever Happened To… gOS?

For a Linux OS that made it onto the shelves of Walmart it's hard to tell what went wrong or where.

11 December 2011