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Access GNOME Shell’s Advanced Settings Easily with Shell Configurator

Shell Configurator is a GNOME extension that lets you access and adjust advanced settings for GNOME Shell, including animation speed and OSD position.

26 June 2022

Stress Testing Your Linux System Just Got Easier

Want to stress text your Linux system? Then check out GTKStressTest, a new open source app designed specifically for the task. The goal of GTKStressTesting (GST) is to put everything you need to know about […]

27 January 2020
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Ubuntu Desktop Designers: ‘Unity Should Be Configurable’

Ever since Ubuntu 11.04, the lack of the ability to configure many aspects of the new Unity interface has been pointed out and questioned widely. Today, at the “Meet Ubuntu Desktop Designers” session in the […]

1 November 2011
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Ubuntu Power Users: taking Ubuntu further

Although Ubuntu continues to adapt itself towards being user-friendly, the needs of the "advanced" user are not being forgotten. Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon proposed a rather neat idea: the creation of an Ubuntu Power Users community. Here '...the needs of folks who love to tweak, tune, customize, hot-rod and otherwise amp up their desktops' would be catered for. And that idea has received a huge welcome.

20 May 2011