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Spotify Web Player for Linux — The Best Spotify Experience on Ubuntu?

You don’t need to tell me. I know it already: you’re sick of hearing about Spotify on this site. But be a champ and suck it up, cos I’m back with another app, one that […]

6 September 2016
spotio spotify skin on ubuntu

How To Install This Gorgeous Spotify Skin On Ubuntu

Last week we mentioned — aka drooled over — Spotio, a Rdio-inspired light theme for the Spotify desktop app, was planning to add support for Linux. Today I’m happy to report that it does support Linux. I’m going […]

1 September 2016
spotify for linux

SpotiWeb Integrates Spotify Web With the Ubuntu Desktop

Like the Spotify Web player but miss desktop integration? Spotiweb is an electron-app that integrates the Spotify web player with the Unity desktop.

28 August 2016
spotify for linux

Spotio Is A Light Skin for Spotify’s Desktop App — And It’s Coming To Linux

Spotio is a light skin for the Spotify desktop app that provides an aesthetically pleasing antidote to the Spotify app's default dark look.

25 August 2016

How To Add a Unity Quicklist to Spotify for Linux

The latest stable release of Spotify for Linux has a missing system tray icon. We show you how to add a Unity quicklist to control playback.

3 March 2016
spotify for linux

Spotify for Linux Is No Longer In Active Development

A new release of streaming music service Spotify's Linux desktop app is now available — but it comes loaded with bug fixes.

3 March 2016

Unofficial Spotify App for Ubuntu Phone Sees Big Update

Spotify fans worried about buying an Ubuntu Phone next month can relax, as a standout third-party client is updated to fill the gap.

2 January 2015

Why Spotify Ditching Debian for Ubuntu Offers Opportunities for All

One of the world's most popular music streaming services has migrated almost 5000 of its servers to Ubuntu.

16 July 2014

Native Spotify for Linux Client Updated With New Dark Design

Spotify for Linux has been updated with the same flatter, darker design that the streaming service brought to its apps on other platforms last month.

20 May 2014

Why This Unofficial Spotify App Marks Start of Ubuntu Touch ‘Windows Phone’ Moment

A new, third-party app brings the popular music-streaming service Spotify to Ubuntu for Phones.

3 November 2013

Music to My Eyes: An Ubuntu Skin for Spotify

Spotify fan Kurko has tweaked a few of the artwork assets used by the application toolbar so that it better matches the rest of the Ubuntu desktop.

9 June 2013

Spotify Pushes Out Bug Fix Update on Linux

A new icon, faster load-up times, and fixes for a recent spate of playback problems - yes, it's a new release of Spotify for Linux Preview.

6 May 2013