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Five Linux Equivalents of Windows-only Apps

Windows converts will find that many of their favourite applications are already available on Linux; Skype, Firefox, Google Chrome, VLC, etc but there are many Windows staples that don’t have Linux ports. The applications listed below make perfect drop-in replacements.

2 July 2010
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OpenShot 1.1 Released – Gets Undo/Redo, New effects, Will be in Ubuntu 10.04!

OpenShot – OMG! Ubuntu!’s favourite video editor for Linux – released a new version today. Version 1.1 brings with it a buffet of new features, speed improvements and general all round greatness that we’ve come […]

8 March 2010
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12 Days of Xmas: Day Eight

Let me dig out my ‘We love OpenShot’ banner before I start… There we are. Nicely set up. Ahem. Can you guess what app make Day Eight of our top 12 apps of 2009? I […]

24 December 2009