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Five tips, hacks and tweaks to get a Mac-like experience in Ubuntu

For all the 'ITSAMAC!!!OMG!!!1" sentiment flung in the direction of Ubuntu many don't think that it is 'Mac' enough. We've already covered turning your 'buntu box into a Windows 7 clone but attention turns to Microsoft's Cupertino-based rival and their popular OS X operating system. Here are five ways to make Ubuntu truly looking, behaving and feeling like a Mac.

11 August 2010
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Sezen meet docky. docky meet sezen. NOW MARRY Already!

The ever ace Seif Lotfy tweeted the following mock-up a wee while ago and, being both a self-confessed Docky Diehard AND a total Sezen head, my jaw was literally wedged open as an emphatic ”YES” […]

19 July 2010
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Docky finally removed from GNOME Do

GNOME Do developer Alex Launi announced this morning that, finally, Do and Docky are now separate applications. When we broke the news that Docky and GNOME Do were to split, back in October of last […]

8 March 2010
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Docky Getting Liferea "Helper", Dropbox Docklet

Crikey on a bike! It’s another Docky post! No, this isn’t turning into OMG! Docky! but development is quite breathtakingly fast on it so there’s always lots to tell you about… Read All About It […]

3 January 2010
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2 Gorgeous New Docky Skins

DeviantArt-ist kshegzyaj has created some stunning new themes for use with premier Dock application Docky. Amongst them are the utterly gorgeous looking ‘Plastic Glass’ theme designed for use in Docky’s 3D mode and an “inlaid” […]

28 December 2009