Ubuntu 13.04

A day in the life

Ubuntu makes using your computer easier – no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Scroll down to join Raring the Ringtailed Cat as it spends the day using Ubuntu...


This is Ringtail.

It's raring to start its day

After catching up on the latest news in Firefox, Raring finishes writing a letter to fellow mascot Quetzal using LibreOffice – a Microsoft-compatible office suite that comes with Ubuntu.



Ringtail is busy working – still using Ubuntu.

LibreOffice makes quick work of spreadsheets.


Which can then be synced and shared using Ubuntu One.

Ubuntu One syncing

Empathy lets Raring chat to its work colleagues and mates.


And with the Gmail web-app integrated into the desktop, Raring won’t miss any important e-mails!

Gmail web app

At lunch, Raring catches up on the latest Ubuntu news and apps from OMG! Ubuntu!.

Get OMG! Ubuntu! for Android

OMG! Ubuntu! on Ubuntu Touch

Mmm! That was tasty! Raring snaps and shares some pics using Ubuntu One for Android.

Get Ubuntu One for Android

Ubuntu One on Android


On the way home Raring gets excited about Ubuntu's plan to use one interface across computers, phones, tablets and TVs.

To help, Raring tests the Ubuntu Touch Developer preview on a tablet.

Help out with Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch


At home, Steam lets Raring relax by playing the latest PC games on Ubuntu.


The Unity Music Lens lets Ringtail find, preview and buy tracks, as well as search through his own collection.

Music lens

While the Video Lens means it’s always easy to find something to watch.

Video lens

The journey has only begun.

Raring ends its day, but tomorrow morning another day begins.

And Ubuntu will be there to help it write another letter, play another game, watch another show, and live life with finesse and ease.

Begin your journey today

Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail