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17 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.04

Here's 17 things to do after installing Ubuntu 17.04, including tips on which apps to install, how to change GTK theme, and plenty more.

13 April 2017
gnome shell indicators

How To Use Indicator Applets on GNOME Shell

You can see, use and integrate Indicator Applets with GNOME Shell using a single GNOME extension. Once enabled, it's hard to know to spot the difference!

17 March 2017

Nuclear is a Multi-Source Desktop Music Player

If you feel there’s a gap in your life for an Electron-based, cross-platform music player capable of streaming from multiple online sources, I’ve a plug for you. Nuclear is a (rather naughty) music streaming app that “pulls in content from […]

23 February 2017
goodvibes radio player

Goodvibes is an Internet Radio Player App for Ubuntu

I don’t listen to the radio that often, but when I do it’s certainly not in the traditional way. Like many, I listen to internet radio on my PC using a Linux radio app. A small selection of […]

20 January 2017

The Case for Ubuntu Phone: Flexibility for Mobile Networks

Canonical engineer Ted Gould has put the case for Ubuntu Phone, arguing that mobile carriers will appreciate the 'flexibility' to bundle apps and services.

15 January 2017
best music player on ubuntu graphic

The 6 Best Music Players for Ubuntu & Linux Mint

We look as some of the best music player apps for Ubuntu, from feature-filled music managers to others that are lightweight and simple to use.

10 January 2017
ubuntu apps on a shelf

After 13 Years Handbrake Leaves Beta (Plus Other Linux App Update)

A number of Linux apps were updated over the Christmas break, including Handbrake, which hit version 1.0, Lyricfier, GNOME Recipes and music player Harmony.

27 December 2016

Essential Guide: 21 Must-Have Apps for Ubuntu (2020 Edition)

Here's 21 of the best Ubuntu apps you should install on your Linux desktop. Our list covers a varied set of top Linux software, tools and utilities.

26 December 2016

Devs Plan ‘Ultra Minimal’ Version of Ubuntu Budgie

You know I love a good tease, and the Ubuntu Budgie team have done just that. Ubuntu Budgie tweets that it is testing an “ultra minimal version” of the spin which ‘uses 220MB or less of RAM’. Intriguing. The […]

12 December 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas For Linux Fans

Crikey, folks: it’s December, and that means Christmas is shortly to be thrust upon us, whether we’re ready or not! It can be tricky to come up with gift ideas for Linux users in your life. And since […]

1 December 2016

3 Great Linux Apps I Never Knew Existed

I’ve written about a lot of desktop Linux software in the nearly 8 years this site has been running.  Apps, utilities, tools and clients for almost everything, from bling-laden music players to java monstrosities via photo editors […]

9 November 2016
A question mark in a circle

I Can’t Find Anything To Write About (Welp, Welp, Welp)

I'm having one of those days again. One of those days where I can't seem to stumble upon any app, update or news item worth covering.

4 November 2016