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Wobbly Windows in Compiz

Wobbly Windows Are Making a Comeback

Wobbly windows and other animated desktop effects could return to Ubuntu thanks to the 'libanimation' project created by a former Compiz developer.

13 September 2018
Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Released, Download Links & Details Inside

Yu can now download Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS. We bring you up to speed on the new features, kernel version and changes on offer in this first LTS point release.

26 July 2018
reactOS screenshot

ReactOS, the open source Windows clone, has a new release out

Open source Windows OS clone ReactOS has just made a new version available to download. Take a look at new features shipping in ReactOS 0.4.9, and learn how to download and install it for yourself.

23 July 2018
gimp on ubuntu graphic

GIMP 2.10.4 Released with Faster Start Up Times, Auto-Straighten Tool

A new version of the hugely popular GIMP image editor is available to download. GIMP 2.10.4 is (despite the number) the second minor release of the editor since the GIMP 2.10 arrived back in May and […]

6 July 2018
GNOME screenshot with app menu in view

GNOME Plans to Move App Menus Back Inside App Windows

Application menus in the GNOME Shell desktop environment may be about to move. GNOME developers have proposed moving app menu entries back inside applications windows, in to the “hamburger menu” that most modern desktop apps use. “This […]

25 June 2018
Ubuntu 18.10: Everything you need to know

Ubuntu 18.10 Release Date, New Features & More

Everything you need to know about Ubuntu 18.10, including the Ubuntu 18.10 release date, planned new features, downloads, changes, and more.

2 June 2018
connect android to ubuntu using GSConnect

Ubuntu 18.10 To Include Android Integration

The GSconnect GNOME Shell extension could ship in Ubuntu 18.10. Ubuntu devs want to include the add-on, which integrates Android with the Ubuntu desktop, by default.

14 May 2018
gimp on ubuntu graphic

GIMP 2.10 Is Finally Here! Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

You can now download GIMP 2.10 for Linux, Windows, and macOS. We look at the new features and improvements in this release, plus tell you how to install GIMP 2.0 on Ubuntu.

2 May 2018
things to do after installing ubuntu 18.04 LTS

11 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ‘Bionic Beaver’

Our list of top things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is full of tips, tricks, and tweaks to help you get the best Ubuntu 18.04 LTS experience after installation.

26 April 2018
ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a laptop

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: What’s New and Where to Download?

Grab an Ubuntu 18.04 download and join us for a review of the best Ubuntu 18.04 features on offer. Plus, learn why we think the 'Bionic Beaver' is the BEST Ubuntu release in years.

26 April 2018
Ubuntu Development

Ubuntu Installs Made 10% Faster Using Tool Made by Facebook

If you long to install Ubuntu a little bit faster help it at hand thanks to some nifty open-source tech developed by Facebook. Using Zstandard (zstd), a ‘lossless data compression algorithm’ developed by Facebook, Ubuntu developers have been able […]

12 March 2018
vlc 3.0

The 5 Coolest Things About VLC 3.0

VLC Chromecast support arrives in VLC 3.0, as do many other features! In this post we take a look at 5 changes that make this VLC release worth downloading.

9 February 2018