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Spotify for Linux Preview Gets Small Bug Fix Update

A new experimental version of Spotify for Linux Preview is available to download. This minor update brings the client upto parity with the Windows and Mac clients, as well as fixing a number of bugs and crashes.

12 March 2012
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[How To] Improve Spotify Stability With A Simple Script

Ever since Spotify for Linux gained Apps support its stability has taken a noticeable nosedive. Thankfully Benjamin Kerensa (yes, of 'FOSS Yeah' fame) has put together a short script that tempers the buggy attitude caused, says Kerensa, by 'unwanted data being left in cache or config temps'.

16 February 2012
Spotify on Linux Beta with Apps

Spotify on Linux Beta Adds Spotify Apps

As previously announced¬†Spotify on Linux now supports free accounts but the current stable release of the Linux client does not yet offer the newer features such as Spotify Apps. Spotify recently released a beta version […]

27 December 2011
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Spotify on Linux Works for Free Accounts, Offers 15 Million Tracks

Chances are you've heard of music streaming service Spotify. With 15 million tracks available to listen to whenever you want including on Linux desktops.

9 December 2011
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Spotify Gets Better Ubuntu Integration In Latest Update

Spotify have updated their desktop Linux with further support for Ubuntu's Unity interface.

14 October 2011
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Spotify for Linux Updates With Facebook Features

The Linux client for Spotify has been updated.

23 September 2011
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Spotify, You rock!

It's easy to get angry at software and hardware companies that don't provide support for Linux, but have you ever taken time to thank those that do?

12 June 2011
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Spotify Sound Menu support for Ubuntu is coming along nicely…

The folks over at Spotify have sent over this sneak peek at some neat work they've been doing to integrate Spotify with Ubuntu's nifty Sound Menu.

26 January 2011
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Spotify for Linux update: A lot more than mono icons

As i battled trying to fix my Ubuntu desktop yesterday (seriously kiddies, leave Natty alone!) a comment by Andy Piper got lost in the moderation queue. (All comments that contain links have to be pre-approved […]

11 November 2010
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Spotify for Linux adds mono-icons

An update to Spotify for Linux is here - and it has mono icons.

10 November 2010
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Spotify Linux preview now supports Spotify unlimited subscribers

Spotify Unlimited subscribers are now able to use the Spotify for Linux preview. Prior to now the preview was only available to Premium subscribers – Spotify’s highest tier package – but in an update today […]

15 July 2010

At Last: Spotify Comes to Linux With Native Client

The popular music streaming service ‚ÄėSpotify’ has today announced a preview release of a native Linux build for their desktop media player. Until now Linux users of the service had to use Spotify through Wine […]

12 July 2010