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Linux Release Roundup: LibreOffice, Dash to Dock, Tilix + More

We're back with another round-up of recent Linux app releases, including updates to LibreOffice, Dash to Dock, Tilix terminal emulator and more.

2 January 2018
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CrossOver 17 Lets You Run Microsoft Office 2016 on Linux

CrossOver 17 is now available. It brings support for Microsoft Office 2016 on Linux, WINE performance improvements, and a slate of bug fixes and features.

6 December 2017
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LibreOffice Is Now Available on Flathub, the Flatpak App Store

LibreOffice is now available to install from Flathub, the centralised Flatpak app store. Its arrival allows anyone running a modern Linux distribution to install the latest stable release of LibreOffice in a click or two, without […]

28 November 2017

These are the 12 Potential LibreOffice Mascots (Updated)

Update: The day after this article was published The Document Foundation decided to “end this phase early” due to criticism. Original article is below. If you have anything approaching a memory you may recall that The Document Foundation is […]

15 November 2017

Linux Release Roundup: LibreOffice, F1 2017, Papirus Icon Theme + More

A slate of Linux apps, game and theme releases we’ve mentioned before scored some minor updates over the past week. Few of them merit their own blog post so I figured I’d round-up the pertinent […]

6 November 2017
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Voting Open – Help Choose the New LibreOffice Mascot

You can help choose the new LibreOffice mascot by voting in the LibreOffice mascot survey. The 7 most popular designs will then be put to another vote.

3 October 2017

LibreOffice 5.4.1 Released with Over 100 Bug Fixes

LibreOffice 5.4.1 is now available to download. This is the first minor update since the LibreOffice 5.4 release earlier this month and offers a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. “LibreOffice 5.4.1 represents the bleeding edge […]

31 August 2017

How to Install/Upgrade to LibreOffice 5.4 on Ubuntu

We show you how to install or upgrade to LibreOffice 5.4.0 on Ubuntu using the official LibreOffice PPA using two simple commands. Neat-o.

31 July 2017
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LibreOffice 5.4 Released with ‘Significant New Features’

A major new release of the hugely popular open-source office software LibreOffice is now available to download. LibreOffice 5.4 serves as the final major release in the LibreOffice 5.x series (meaning LibreOffice 6.x will be next). […]

28 July 2017
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New LibreOffice Snap App Available for Testing

Reader Jamie P. pinged us over the weekend to let us know that a new version of LibreOffice, the popular open-source office suite, is available as a Snap app. Jamie says LibreOffice is “so […]

10 July 2017
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LibreOffice Launches Competition to Find New Mascot (And Here’s How To Take Part!)

When you think of GIMP, you think of Wilber; when you think of OpenSUSE, you picture the gecko; and when you think of Mozilla you picture 1990s t-rex clipart. But when you think of LibreOffice? You […]

28 June 2017
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LibreOffice Automatic Updater Available to Test on Linux

Open-source office suite LibreOffice is inching closer to providing automatic updates in-app. Daily builds of LibreOffice for Linux with a new automatic updater built-in are available for testing, LibreOffice developer Markus Mohrhard announced today. Better still, […]

22 June 2017