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Why Spotify Ditching Debian for Ubuntu Offers Opportunities for All

One of the world's most popular music streaming services has migrated almost 5000 of its servers to Ubuntu.

16 July 2014

Native Spotify for Linux Client Updated With New Dark Design

Spotify for Linux has been updated with the same flatter, darker design that the streaming service brought to its apps on other platforms last month.

20 May 2014

Why This Unofficial Spotify App Marks Start of Ubuntu Touch ‘Windows Phone’ Moment

A new, third-party app brings the popular music-streaming service Spotify to Ubuntu for Phones.

3 November 2013

Music to My Eyes: An Ubuntu Skin for Spotify

Spotify fan Kurko has tweaked a few of the artwork assets used by the application toolbar so that it better matches the rest of the Ubuntu desktop.

9 June 2013

Spotify Pushes Out Bug Fix Update on Linux

A new icon, faster load-up times, and fixes for a recent spate of playback problems - yes, it's a new release of Spotify for Linux Preview.

6 May 2013

Spotify Rival Rdio Gets New Ubuntu App

Music streaming service Rdio recently switched from offering a free 7 day trial to a much more impressive 6 month one! In this post we look at what Rdio is and how to get the most out of it in Ubuntu...

12 February 2013

Spotify Update Brings Linux Users New Features First

Spotify are giving Linux users a taste of new features first with their latest Spotify for Linux Preview release. But before you get too excited these features aren't anything particularly game-changing - that is unless you're an avid Spotify user...

4 January 2013

[How To] Test Spotify’s New Web Player

Spotify have launched a new web-based player for streaming music from their library. Although in beta the web-player puts 18 million tracks at your fingertips regardless of your platform or device.

16 November 2012

[How To] Fix Spotify Repo Key Change Error

Spotify have changed the key used to authenticate their Linux repository - meaning you will need to update it inorder to continue getting updates. Read on for the one command you need to fix it.

26 June 2012

Spotify For Linux Adds Tumblr Sharing, Playlist Radio Streams

A minor update to the Spotify Preview for Linux client is available to download. A handful of new features are present in the release, which was originally intended to appear at the same time as the Windows and Mac builds. Sadly, a last-minute build error pushed this back a few days - but kudos for the intention, right?

14 May 2012
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Spotify Launch ‘Play Button’ – Works with Linux Client

Music streaming service Spotify has today launched a new feature for bloggers, website owners, and any one with a plot of land on the web – the Spotify Play Button. The Spotify Play Button lets […]

11 April 2012

Spotify Launches in Germany

Music streaming service Spotify has launched in Germany. The service was previously only available in 9 countries, including France and the UK, but with Germany being the third largest music market in the world the launch is sure to be a popular one. But why not launch sooner?

13 March 2012