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How to Install GNOME 3.10 in Ubuntu 13.10

Don't want to use a stale version of GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 13.10? It's easy to upgrade to the latest release, and in this post we'll show you how.

6 December 2013

NSA Wanted Backdoor Access In Linux, Says Linus Torvalds’ Father

The United States' National Security Agency (NSA) are alleged to have to asked the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, to create 'backdoors' into GNU/Linux through which they could access.

19 November 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Released – But Is It An Essential Upgrade?

Ubuntu 13.10 brings a number of minor changes to the desktop - but are any of them essential? We review the latest release.

17 October 2013

GNOME 3.10 – The 10 Best Features & Changes

GNOME 3.10, the latest version of the popular free and open-source desktop environment, was released earlier today bringing with it new features, apps, bug-fixes and interface enhancements.

25 September 2013

German City Starts Distributing Free Ubuntu 12.04 CDs to Windows XP Users

The German city of Munich has begun offering free Ubuntu 12.04 CDs in local libraries in an effort to help citizens still using Windows XP.

14 September 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Beta Releases Available for Download

Beta releases of various Ubuntu flavours, including Lubuntu, Kubuntu and the newest addition, Ubuntu GNOME, are now available to download.

5 September 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest Kicks Off

The Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest has opened for entries, giving enthusiast photographers the chance of exposure to millions of people.

12 July 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 Released, Download Now Live

Ubuntu 13.04, the latest version of the worlds most popular Linux distribution, is now available to download.

25 April 2013

10 Best Ubuntu 13.04 Features – From Social Lens to Window Snapping

Ubuntu 13.04 is now less than a week away from arriving - but what you can expect to find rocking up on the Raring desktop? We take a look at the 10 best new features....

19 April 2013

Ubuntu Website Warns Windows 8 Users: Don’t Use WUBI

A week or so after being thrown off of the default Ubuntu 13.04 disc image, the Ubuntu website is now also warning users against using WUBI to install Ubuntu 12.10.

11 April 2013

[How To] Run Unity Next on Ubuntu 12.10

Unity Next, the next-generation Qt/QML version of Ubuntu's Unity interface designed to intelligently adapt to multiple form factors, can now be tried, tested, and hacked-on right from the desktop.

2 April 2013
unity desktop tile

[How To] Reset Unity & Compiz in Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04

Ever wondered how or needed to reset Unity and Compiz back to their default settings? We'll show you.

1 April 2013