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Clementine Music Player Gets Juicier with Latest Release

The latest release of Clementine, the Qt music player whose interface was inspired by that of Amarok 1.4, brings a number of new features to the table.

3 January 2012
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Multi-source Music Player ‘Tomahawk’ Updates With New Look, New Features

Tomahawk media player - which bills itself as 'everything you need in a media player - and a lot you don't - has pushed out a new release.

11 November 2011
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MusicTube Desktop App Uses YouTube As A Music Library

The creator of flash-free desktop YouTube application 'Minutube' and stylish music player 'MiniTunes' has announced the release of a new application: MusicTube. Musictube is a mish-mash of the developers former two applications, and is designed to let you find, arrange and listen to whatever music you like - as long as it's on YouTube. The idea is similar to on-demand music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora: you search for an artist or a track and, if it's there, you can play it.

4 October 2011
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Music Player Tomahawk 0.2 Tweaks Appearance, Adds New Features

Yeah folks, we know it often feels like that there are too many music players available for Linux, but when they're as innovative as Tomahawk we're more than happy to give them a try.

25 August 2011
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Faenza icon set gets a PPA

Quick heads up to something I forgot to mention before – the very slick Faenza icon set now has a PPA, making it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest additions to the square-y icon […]

10 August 2010
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Wine icon facelift on target for June; looks immeasurably better already

As the Wine project gears up for the next major release due in June, work on giving the application a graphical face-lift is drawing to a conclusion. Joel Holdsworth, who has lead the work on […]

17 May 2010
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Integrating Wine Into Ubuntu With Vineyard

Wine gives users the perfect solution to switching OS – they can keep using a secure, free, totally rocking OS and still run some of their favourite Windows applications and games. Of course, Wine isn’t […]

12 March 2010
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CoverGloobus Gets Docky Sync, New Features

Talk about timing! Only a day or so back we crowned CoverGloobus one of our favourite applications of 2009 and today some exciting updates were announced! Aside from GloobusPreview’s sexy new look CoverGloobus got some […]

21 December 2009
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PlayOnLinux – Install Windows Applications In One Click

PlayOnLinux is a WINE ‘front end’ that allows easy installation of software designed to run on Windows, but in Linux! Unlike other WINE installation software – such as CrossOver – PlayOnLinux is entirely free, and […]

10 September 2009