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Smarter Window Snapping is Coming to GNOME Shell

GNOME 3.26 is shaping up to be one heck of a release, as a recent update from GNOME developer Georges Stavracas shows. Smart half-window tiling is headed to GNOME Shell and Mutter. The improved feature […]

13 June 2017
GNOME Tweak Tool on UBuntu

GNOME Tweak Tool Update Lets You Move Windows Controls

A new version of the GNOME Tweak Tool is available for testing in Ubuntu 17.10 — and it includes some nifty new options! You can read a full surmise of the changes in the GNOME […]

8 June 2017
Ubuntu 17.10 desktop screenshot

GNOME is now the Default Desktop in Ubuntu 17.10 Daily Builds

Smash the glass, sound the klaxon, and supply comfort blankets to those still mourning Unity — the Ubuntu 17.10 daily builds now use GNOME Shell by default.

7 June 2017
ubuntu 17.10

Latest Ubuntu 17.10 Update Ditches the Unity Desktop, Installs GNOME

And so it begins: the Unity desktop and related packages have been removed from the ‘seeds’ used to build Ubuntu 17.10. As previously announced, Ubuntu 17.10 will ship with GNOME Shell as the default desktop environment in place of […]

1 June 2017

KDE Plasma 5.10 Released, This Is What’s New

KDE Plasma 5.10 is released, and it brings default desktop folder view, task manager improvements and better touchscreen support.

30 May 2017
ubuntu 17.10 development

Ubuntu Desktop Team Discuss Their Plans for GNOME in Ubuntu 17.10

Many are wondering what to expect from Ubuntu 17.10 when it's released later this year, so we caught up with the Ubuntu Desktop Team to find out.

16 May 2017

Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE are Coming to the Windows Store

Ubuntu will soon be available to install from the Windows Store on Windows 10. Nope, I’m not drunk, and you’re not hallucinating. The news was announced by Microsoft’s Terry Myers at the software giant’s annual Build conference for […]

12 May 2017
GNOME Layout Manager

This Script Can Make GNOME Shell Look like Windows, Mac, or Unity (Updated)

Want to make GNOME Shell look and feel like Unity, Windows 10 or macOS? This small script can help you do exactly that in just a couple of clicks.

26 April 2017
otis the aardvark from CBBC in front of an Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu 17.10 Daily Build Downloads Now Available

Ubuntu 17.10 daily build images are available to download.

26 April 2017

17 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.04

Here's 17 things to do after installing Ubuntu 17.04, including tips on which apps to install, how to change GTK theme, and plenty more.

13 April 2017
download now image

Ubuntu 17.04 Available to Download Now, This is What’s New

This is our Ubuntu 17.04 review. It recaps new features in Ubuntu 17.04, tells you what's changed, and has the links you need to download Ubuntu yourself.

13 April 2017
download now image

The Ubuntu 17.04 Beta Is Now Available to Download

Ubuntu 17.04 Beta 2 is available to download.  The release is the first formal development snapshot of the Ubuntu 17.04, and it gives testers and early adopters the chance to kick the tyres on the next major […]

23 March 2017