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firefox browser cake

Passive Aggressive Baking at its Finest

Okay, so this isn’t strictly related to Linux per se — though a tangential link exists because Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux — but the following photo made me laugh when I saw it […]

26 January 2020

Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Lives On …in Anime!?

Unity is no longer the jewel in Ubuntu’s crown, but the much-loved desktop is still out there, sparkling. And I don’t mean on computers, but in anime!

13 January 2020

Alexa’s Favourite Operating System is Ubuntu, Apparently [Video]

A little bit of fluff for your Sunday amusement: it seems Amazon Alexa has rather excellent taste in computer operating systems! Owners of devices like the Amazon Echo Dot have learned that Amazon’s voice-controlled digital […]

6 October 2019
raspberry pi supercomputer

Oracle Built a Raspberry Pi Super Computer That Looks like a TARDIS

How many Raspberry Pi's does it take to build a super computer? 1060, according to Oracle, who built one to demo at Oracle OpenWorld 2019.

17 September 2019
omg! ubuntu in the wild

Ubuntu Spotted in ‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’

If you plan on renting a copy of Maze Runner: The Death Cure when it hits home media later this month, you may spot something familiar that’ll have you spitting your popcorn out. An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted […]

15 April 2018
microsoft zo prefers linux

Even Microsoft’s AI Chatbot ‘Zo’ Prefers Linux

Microsoft AI chatbot Zo appears to hold some interesting opinions on tech -- opinions that might leave the Redmond-based giant a little red-faced!

23 July 2017
expanse terminal in episode 9

Oye! Earth Still Uses Linux in the 23rd Century

What operating system will be in use in the 23rd century? For fictional inhabitants of The Expanse, a critically acclaimed sci-fi series, it's Linux.

12 July 2017

This Xfce Bug Is Wrecking Users’ Monitors

A bug in Xfce is causing damage to some user's monitors, and a proposed patch has yet to be accepted upstream.

23 March 2017

A Musical Interlude (Double Post Apology)

Oops, this is a duplicate post of the one before it. To get the full details on what's new in the Lightworks 14 beta please check out that one.

8 December 2016
tesla ubuntu

Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Capabilities Demoed With Ubuntu

Ubuntu? In self-driving cars? What is this madness?!

7 September 2016

Ubuntu Shows Up in TV News Report on Robotics

If you’re a Brit of a certain age then you’ll associate ‘Newsround‘ with a warm, post-teatime feeling of childish abandon. Take a moment to wipe an imaginary spaghetti hoop off of your chin before you move […]

13 March 2014

Oops! Walmart Website Pimps Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 10 Listing

OMG! Ubuntu! reader Darren Shipp spotted something a little off when browsing the Walmart website recently: Ubuntu Touch for Tablets.

1 July 2013