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Pitivi Video Editor Launches €100k Fundraising Campaign

The development team behind open-source video editor Pitivi are seeking €100,000 to turn it into a 'flexible, high-end' application.

23 February 2014

Canonical At Mobile World Congress 2014 – What Can We Expect?

It's the worlds biggest meeting of mobile industry experts, enthusiasts and original equipment manufacturers and, once again, Canonical will be in attendance.

28 January 2014
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Announcing the first Ubuntu SDK Days

Hot on the heels of the announcements of the Ubuntu SDK and the Touch Developer Preview, the Ubuntu App development community are launching the first ever 'Ubuntu SDK Days'.

12 March 2013
OMG! Ubuntu! On Air!

Ubuntu Product Launch OMG! Google+ Hangout

Join Benjamin Kerensa, Bilal Akhtar and José Antonio Rey with guest Jono Bacon to discuss the exciting Ubuntu product announcement today. We invite OMG! readers and Ubuntu users to join us and share their thoughts […]

2 January 2013

All-New Ubuntu Product to Launch Jan 2nd – But What Is It?

A new Ubuntu product will be unveiled by Canonical on Wednesday, January 2nd. Details are scant on the ground at present at present. So far the only known 'fact' is that which is written on the press release: it's an event to 'launch an all new Ubuntu product'.

31 December 2012
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Ubuntu’s 24 Hour Community Charity Marathon Is Happening Right Now

Take one Ubuntu Community team, sit them in front of webcams and make them work for 24 hours solid. Sound good? that's what happening today as part of the 'Ubuntu Community Charity Marathon'.

4 October 2012

Near London? Get Paid to Use Ubuntu

Want to help make Ubuntu better and get paid to do so? Nope, you don't need to apply for a job at Canonical just be a regular user who can spare 2 hours for one evening next week to take part in some testing.

4 October 2012
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Ubuntu On Air… Is Now Over

The latest instalment of the online Ubuntu talkshow 'Ubuntu On Air' is, well, on air today. From 5:00 PM UTC you'll be able to tune in to the show live at

24 September 2012

‘GIMP Magazine’ Launches Sept 5th

The first issue of 'GIMP Magazine' is set to drop on September 5th. The free magazine, which aims to publish four issues a year, features works from various creatives in the GIMP and free-software communities.

29 August 2012

Ubuntu Developer Week 2012

From 28th August to 30th August the Ubuntu Developer Community will bring you a variety of sessions all around Ubuntu Development. If you were ever interested in learning more about how Ubuntu is put together or how to get involved and contribute, this is a perfect time!

22 August 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark To Hold Next, Shorter, Ubuntu Developer Summit

Copenhagen, Denmark is to play host to the next Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) later this year. The bi-annual event sees Ubuntu developers from around the world get together to hammer out the details for the next release of Ubuntu.

30 July 2012

Ubuntu Developer Week: 31st January-2nd February

It's everybody's second-most favourite time of the release again. No, not the actual release, but it's Ubuntu Developer Week!

25 January 2012