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ubuntu birthday quiz

Happy 12th Birthday, Ubuntu!

Ubuntu celebrates its 12th birthday today — and to celebrate we've devised a fiendishly feisty birthday quiz for you to pit your wily wits against…

20 October 2016
kde birthday

Devs Mark KDE’s 20th Birthday By Re-Releasing KDE 1!

Go fetch those blue birthday cake candles you have stashed away cos today, October 14, marks the 20th birthday of KDE. Yup, it’s the KDE project’s 20th birthday. And to help mark the mammoth milestone the KDE Restoration […]

14 October 2016
GNOME 3.22 thumbnail

You’re Invited to the UK GNOME Release Party This Friday

Are you in the UK? Within reasonable reach of Manchester? And a fan of the GNOME desktop? You're invited to the UK GNOME Release Party taking place this Friday…

19 September 2016

Happy 25th Birthday, Linux!

If you're a big fan of Linux then you'll know that today, August 25, is pretty special. Legendary, in fact.

25 August 2016

Ubuntu Is Coming to Windows 10. No, Really.

Don’t rub your eyes: you’re not misreading. Microsoft and Canonical are, according to a reliable rumour out of ZDNet, working together to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10 desktops. In what is surely an early contender for […]

30 March 2016
Ubuntu Scopes Showdown Logo

Ubuntu Scope Showdown Is Back, And The Prizes Are Better Than Ever

The second “Ubuntu Scope Showdown” contest has opened for entry — and there are some brilliant prizes up for grabs!

18 January 2016

The ‘Mystery’ Bq Event Went Big on Android, Silent on Ubuntu

Few of us, save the most optimistic, were expecting today's media event from Bq Readers to yield news of the first Ubuntu Phone.

25 November 2014

Pitivi Video Editor Launches €100k Fundraising Campaign

The development team behind open-source video editor Pitivi are seeking €100,000 to turn it into a 'flexible, high-end' application.

23 February 2014

Canonical At Mobile World Congress 2014 – What Can We Expect?

It's the worlds biggest meeting of mobile industry experts, enthusiasts and original equipment manufacturers and, once again, Canonical will be in attendance.

28 January 2014
Placeholder koala image

Announcing the first Ubuntu SDK Days

Hot on the heels of the announcements of the Ubuntu SDK and the Touch Developer Preview, the Ubuntu App development community are launching the first ever 'Ubuntu SDK Days'.

12 March 2013
OMG! Ubuntu! On Air!

Ubuntu Product Launch OMG! Google+ Hangout

Join Benjamin Kerensa, Bilal Akhtar and José Antonio Rey with guest Jono Bacon to discuss the exciting Ubuntu product announcement today. We invite OMG! readers and Ubuntu users to join us and share their thoughts […]

2 January 2013

All-New Ubuntu Product to Launch Jan 2nd – But What Is It?

A new Ubuntu product will be unveiled by Canonical on Wednesday, January 2nd. Details are scant on the ground at present at present. So far the only known 'fact' is that which is written on the press release: it's an event to 'launch an all new Ubuntu product'.

31 December 2012