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Ubuntu 22.04 Lets You Pick A Custom Accent Colour

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS includes a much-requested new feature: accent colours. Users can pick from 10 different colours to use in the GTK, Shell, and icon themes.

18 March 2022

Try GNOME’s New Terminal & Text Editor on Ubuntu 22.04

You can take GNOME's brand new text editor and terminal client for a spin in Ubuntu 22.04, ahead of the stable GNOME 42 release this later this month.

8 March 2022

Ubuntu Now “Just Works” on the Framework Laptop

If you're lucky enough to own the modular marvel that is the Framework laptop you'll be thrilled to know that Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS "just works" on the device.

6 March 2022

Linux Mint is Making a Major Bluetooth Change

Linux Mint 21 will ship with Blueman as its default Bluetooth manager. Mint's lead developer cites issues with the current gnome-bluetooth backend.

3 March 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 Just Got a BIG Design Update (Spoiler: Looks Awesome)

With feature freeze now in effect a huge drop of visual changes just hit the Ubuntu 22.04 daily builds, including GNOME Shell 42 and a Yaru theme update.

25 February 2022

GNOME 42 Features a Subtle, Yet Classy, Touch

Being ill last week meant I missed a few last-minute additions to GNOME 42 as it readied its beta build. Belated or not, I want to spotlight this change.

24 February 2022

Nautilus 42 Arrives in Ubuntu 22.04 Daily Builds

The latest version of the Nautilus file manager is winging its way to Ubuntu 22.04. A number of new features and improvements are included as a result.

24 February 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 May Offer a Choice of System Accent Colour

A choice of system accent colour could be on offer in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Devs have already created a working demo to pick an accent colour for Yaru.

3 February 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 Dailies Show an Ubuntu Pro Notification on Login

When I wrote about the new “Ubuntu Pro” section in Ubuntu 22.04‘s software settings panel I said the banner wasn’t a nag screen or a desktop notification but something you had to go out of […]

3 February 2022

Updated: GNOME Shell Removes its Curvy Panel Corners

Bon voyage, borders! GNOME devs have removed the unique curved corners that 'frame' apps on the GNOME Shell desktop. But will users really miss them?

3 February 2022

Ubuntu is Axing the Partner Repo Nobody Uses

Ubuntu wants to close the Canonical Partner repository ahead of the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release. This isn't a shock as it's been empty for more than a year.

28 January 2022

GNOME Shell is Getting Redesigned Volume/Brightness Pop Ups

GNOME devs plan a revamp of GNOME Shell's on-screen display indicators to make them more compact and more in keeping with the latest design changes.

27 January 2022