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Debian Project Founder Ian Murdock: Here’s to You

Ian Murdock, founder of the Debian project, has passed away at 42.

31 December 2015

Why Spotify Ditching Debian for Ubuntu Offers Opportunities for All

One of the world's most popular music streaming services has migrated almost 5000 of its servers to Ubuntu.

16 July 2014

Android SDK Installer for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)

I’m fan of automation, as well as simplicity and as much as I tend to complicate my own life I generally enjoy making life easier for others.

30 July 2012
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Learn the Art of ‘apt’ with a Free Chapter From The Debian Administrators Handbook

If you have an aspiration to becoming a Linux power-user then nabbing a copy of the Debian Administrators handbook isn't a bad way to go about it.

18 November 2011
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Linux power regression + overheating problem on ThinkPad [fixed?]

This blog post isn’t only directed to ThinkPad owners as most notebook Linux users with Intel Core Duo 1/2 and i3/i5/i7 processors have been affected by this bug if not all. And yes, this problem […]

12 November 2011

The Lure of the Community Approach

Since the announce of the fundraising for The Debian Administrator's Handbook, many people commented on the project's approach. Just because it's a free software related project, there should be only one way to do it... let me debunk those claims!

5 October 2011
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Call for DebConf11 attendance

After last years Debian Developer conference in NYC (DebConf10) this years conference, DebConf11 will be held in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 24th to 30th July. Of course besides developers, among the attendees you'll be able to see many well known faces from Open Source/Linux world, as well as representatives from some of the leading companies from this sector.

14 April 2011
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Ubuntu’s CTO reveals DEX: an effort to close the gap with Debian

Matt Zimmerman, Ubuntu's CTO, and Stefano Zacchiroli, Debian Leader, worked together to setup the DEX project. It's a new initiative to improve collaboration between Debian and its derivatives, Ubuntu included.

18 March 2011
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Debian CUT, a new rolling release?

What is Debian CUT and why should you care? Let's take a look...

17 March 2011
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Are you contributing your share?

I don't know about you but when I started using Free Software, I was amazed that I could benefit from all this for free. So after a few months I looked up how I could give something back. That was 13 years ago... and to date I'm still an active Debian Developer. Here's my story, what's your story going to be?

11 March 2011
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Debian or Ubuntu, which is the best place to contribute?

As a user it’s relatively easy to choose between Debian and Ubuntu. Everybody has their own personal preference and it doesn’t take much time to try both. But when it comes to contributing, the time investment is bigger and you might want to think twice about it. Where is your time better spent?

4 March 2011
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Debian is dying, oh my word!

Ever since the release of Debian 6.0 “Squeeze”, there's an ongoing debate whether Debian is still relevant and whether the project is going to die.

25 February 2011