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Below you will find articles on Canonical’s ‘convergence’ pocket desktop technology and devices that support it.

Ubuntu Scopes To Get a Striking New Look, Images Reveal

A redesign for Ubuntu Scopes appears to be on the way, with a pair of new images showing a hugely improved layout and interaction experience.

4 May 2016

See Ubuntu Convergence in Action With This Music App

Most of us have a good handle on what Ubuntu ‘convergence’ is (or what we think it is).  But it never hurts to have a big ol’ reminder. And the video we’re cushioning with over wrung sentences is just […]

29 April 2016

See Ubuntu Convergence in Action on the NexDock [Video]

See the video above? That’s Ubuntu convergence in action on what’s being billed as ‘the world’s most affordable laptop’. Except isn’t a laptop at all. It’s the NexDock, which is crowdfunding a smooth $300,000 to pay for its first […]

15 April 2016

Canonical Has ‘No Plans’ To Support Convergence on Meizu MX4

Hoping to use your Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone as a convergence device via wireless display technologies? I've some bad news…

12 April 2016

Microsoft Wants To Patent Convergence Style Technology

Canonical is not the only software company who is interested in the idea of using a single mobile device to power additional computing experiences.  Microsoft — boo, hiss, etc — has long pursued the idea, starting with Windows XP […]

7 March 2016
convergence 1.0

Watch LibreOffice Running on an Ubuntu Phone (Video)

The ability to run traditional desktop applications on the Ubuntu phone & tablet has a lot of you (quite rightly) excited. Carrying the powerful LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox and The GIMP  in your pocket is a big draw. An Ubuntu phone, […]

25 February 2016

If You Only Watch One Ubuntu Video This Week…

This six minute video of Ubuntu convergence does a fantastic job of demonstrating why Ubuntu on phones and tablets is so exciting. Watch it, share it.

24 February 2016

Meet The World’s First Ubuntu Tablet (That Is Also a Desktop PC)

And Canonical say it will #reinvent personal mobile computing

4 February 2016

Ubuntu Launches ‘#Reinvent’ Marketing Campaign

Canonical is looking to build hype for its upcoming Mobile World Congress announcements though a mysterious new online initiative.

1 February 2016
Bq M10

Bq Confirm Ubuntu Tablet with Convergence is Coming

Bq has teased the Spanish technology press about its upcoming MWC2016 presence, confirming that an Ubuntu Tablet will be involved.

19 January 2016
ubuntu convergence

New Ubuntu Convergence Device To Be Announced Next Month

Canonical will demo at least one new Ubuntu convergence device at next month's Mobile World Congress, we've learned.

14 January 2016

Unity 8 Greeter Shows Ubuntu Convergence In Action

A new video shows off yet more progress on getting Unity 8 ship-shape for desktop usage.

23 September 2015