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Below you will find articles on Canonical’s ‘convergence’ pocket desktop technology and devices that support it.

The Ubuntu Web Browser App Is Getting a New Icon

The Ubuntu web-browser app is getting a brand new icon after community members said the existing icon looked too similar to the Safari web browser.

25 January 2017

Ubuntu’s Converged Terminal App Is Starting to Take Shape

Last August Canonical shared design mockups of a new, converged Terminal app it wants to offer on its new Unity 8 desktop. Now the app exists. The current development version is not perfect, polished or feature complete, but it is looking more like the […]

12 January 2017
unity 8 desktop mockups

These Unity 8 Desktop Designs Show a Striking New Feature (Updated)

New Unity 8 desktop mock-ups shared by the Canonical design team show an interesting new approach to presenting Scopes to desktop users.

18 December 2016
dock station for ubuntu phones

‘Station Dock’ To Help Drive Convergence on Ubuntu

You're looking at a proposed new 3D dock that, its creator hopes, will help bring the dream of Ubuntu convergence to more people.

22 November 2016

New Video Shows Changes Headed to Unity 8

A new YouTube video claims to show an ‘quick overview of what’s to come to Unity 8’ in a future update. Uploaded by Kugi Javacookies (not sure if that’s his real name), the clip is described as offering a […]

27 October 2016

Canonical Show Off Converged Terminal App Design

Reshaping the classic terminal app to fit the multi-form factor world isn't easy, but it's the task that the Canonical Design team face as part of their work on Unity 8.

15 August 2016

Fairphone 2 Ubuntu Touch Convergence Video

Earlier this week we saw Canonical demo wireless display on the Bq M10 tablet — but it's not the only device capable of cable-free convergence.

20 July 2016

Ubuntu Demo Wireless Convergence on Bq M10 Tablet

A video demoing wireless convergence on the Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet has been shared by Canonical.

18 July 2016

Dekko Is Shaping Up Nicely for Desktop Convergence

The popular e-mail client for Ubuntu on phones and tablets is coming to the desktop.

5 July 2016
Meizu Pro 5

With Wireless Convergence on the PRO 5, Ubuntu Phone Levels Up

Ubuntu OTA-11 brings wireless display support to the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu phone. But how well does it work? We go hands on.

2 June 2016

Your Complete Guide to Ubuntu Touch OTA-11

Ubuntu OTA-11 is the latest update to Ubuntu on phones and tablets, and it brings some BIG new features. We recap everything you need to know.

1 June 2016

Ubuntu Plans To Make Scopes Even Better — Here’s How

A couple of days back we mentioned that big ol’ design rejig is headed to Ubuntu Scopes. More details about the ‘design evolution of Ubuntu Scopes’ was shared by the Canonical design and engineering teams at the Ubuntu Online Summit. […]

6 May 2016