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We Review Open-Source RTS Game 0 A.D.

0.A.D is a completely open-source RTS available for Linux, Mac and Windows. The game, which is in heavy development, currently sits at the Alpha 8 junction. Undeterred by the development nature I took the title for a spin...

29 January 2012
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‘Mounty’ – Simple Disk Image Mounter for Ubuntu

Mounting disc image files (.iso, .img, .dmg, etc) in Ubuntu isn't hard. There are a number of applications available designed to carry out the task. But Mounty, a system tray applet, is probably the easiest of them.

27 January 2012

“Four Seasons” Wallpaper Pack

If there is one thing that most people agree on about the wallpapers it's that no one likes looking at bad looking wallpaper. "Four Seasons" is a wallpaper pack I created inspired by the diversity of the four seasons of our planet. The pack includes wallpapers for each each season - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and a "Four Seasons" wallpaper which represents all of the seasons in a unified image.

18 January 2012
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[How To] Add a “Places” Menu in KDE

KDE. Some think of it as the desktop environment that doesn't get the attention it deserves. What I like most about KDE is that there is Plasmoid (a form of widget for KDE) for almost everything - Facebook, clocks, weather, tweeting, start menus, Dash, calculator, system monitors etc... you name it.

12 January 2012

Give Your Linux Desktop ‘New Hope’ With this GTK3 Theme

Hope GTK theme is a modern and stylish looking GTK theme that looks great on the modern Ubuntu desktop. But there was one aspect of it that didn’t I felt looked out of place: the […]

7 January 2012

Ubuntu-Coloured GNOME and KDE Stripe Wallpaper

No-one likes staring at a rubbish desktop wallpaper. Unfortunately for Ubuntu its recent crop of default wallpapers haven’t been the strongest in its seven-year history. So I decided to blend the ‘purple-ness’ of Ubuntu’s recent […]

15 December 2011

Getting the Most from Marlin File Browser; Plus See What’s New

Marlin is a sleek, fast and sexy Nautilus alternative. Just over a week ago we told you How to Install Marlin File Browser in Ubuntu 11.10. Since then Marlin has been updated with a handful of additional changes - some which might tempt the more reluctant into giving it a try.

8 December 2011

[How To] Customise Unity like Never Before

Ubuntu 11.10 bring a lot of nifty changes in Unity featuring - chameleon theming, active blur, ability to change launcher opacity, relocation of the Ubuntu button from the panel to the launcher, and so on. These new features have opened up the door for a lot more customisation in Unity than many think possible. Read on for a guide on radically changing the look of Unity in Ubuntu 11.10...

4 December 2011
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Making Dolphin Even Better: Add ‘Service Menus’

Among the things that I love most in KDE is it's file manager - Dolphin. Dolphin is fast, looks great and is future-rich. Recently I've thought "How can Dolphin possibly get any better?" and today I stumbled upon a very neat and useful tweak for Dolphin that makes it almost perfect - service menus.

28 November 2011
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[How to] Beautify Thunderbird in Ubuntu

Mozilla Thunderbird is the default email client in Ubuntu. It is easy to use and setup, has many advanced features and allows for easy customisation. And customization is exactly what this article is all about.

21 November 2011

LiveUSB Install Is Not Just Another Live USB Creator for Linux

USB pendrives - those little things in your pocket that can sometimes save your skin. They are so small, yet they can be so extremely useful. So what happens if you want to try out a GNU/Linux distro, but you don't want or can't use a CD/DVD - the answer is pretty simple - you make a LiveUSB.

17 November 2011
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Changes to Ubuntu’s Login Screen for 12.04 Get Discussed

What's planned for Ubuntu 12.04's login screen? A discussion at the ongoing Ubuntu Developer Summit revealed some tentative plans...

31 October 2011