We’ve launched our 2016 Advent Calendar — and this year we’re highlighting an app we love each and every day.

You can follow along the fun on our Instagram channel — and be sure to share love for your own favourite open-source apps and tools this festive season.

You could call it an #Appvent calendar — we are! ;D

Which App Should Be Next? You decide!

Want to see your fave app behind a door in our Xmas Appvent Calendar? Well, you can!

We want this to be an inclusive and varied month, where the apps we featured represent the ones that you use.

To get involved you need to use the template below (thanks to Sil for .xcf version).

Download the #Appvent Template (.psd) Download the #Appvent Template (.xcf)

Simply add a screenshot (to which you own the rights, etc), edit the day, app name and so on (you’ll need the DK Lemon Yellow Sun font, free here) and upload it with a short caption/comment in the comments space below.

We can’t promise to feature every app you suggest, and we only intend to post one a day, so have a look at the entries thus far and pick a day no-one has yet chosen!

Be sure to include your instagram username (if you have one) so we can give you a shout out if/when we post it, too!

Day 1: Temps

We fell in love with Temps last month. It’s a stylish, animated weather app that’s built using web technologies, and is completely open-source. It’s available to install on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Day 2: Mcomix

I came across Mcomix just over a week ago as I needed an app that could open some .cbr files. The open-source Mcomix fit the bill perfectly, and has all the features you could need, including some basic photo editing tools!

Day 3: Go For It!

Day 4: Flatify Unity Script

Day 5: ???

Day 6: ???