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Stacer system optimiser on ubuntu 17.10

Spring Clean with Stacer, a System Optimizer tool for Linux

Stacer is a system optimizer and cleaner tool for Linux desktops like Ubuntu. Learn more about its features and how to install Stacer on Ubuntu.

15 May 2019
Stacer is an Ubuntu cleaner app

Ubuntu System Cleaner ‘Stacer’ Has Binned Electron

Ubuntu system cleaner Stacer has a brand new release — and a brand new codebase. The popular utility has been rewritten in C++ for its latest release.

24 August 2017
stacer 1.0.7

Linux System Utility ‘Stacer’ Updated with Process Monitoring Panel, New Look

A new version Stacer, an open-source system cleaning n’ tune-up tool for Linux desktops, is available to download. Stacer 1.0.7 ships with improved language support, adds in a choice of light or dark theme, and introduces […]

12 June 2017
stacer system app

Ubuntu System Cleaner Stacer Scores a Spring Update

Linux system optimizer and monitoring app Stacer has picked up a few new features — just in time for some early spring cleaning!

28 March 2017
box of apps

Linux App Updates Round Up: Skype, Stacer, QupZilla & Wine

Busy weekend? Us too, but you can get up to speed with what's happened in our roundup of recent Linux app updates, including Skype and WINE.

5 February 2017

Meet Stacer, a System Optimizer App for Ubuntu

Stacey helps you monitor system resource usage, clear app caches, uninstall unwanted apps, and even stop system processes from running in the background.

31 January 2017
elisa music player

Elisa Music Player Makes Its Debut Release

The Elisa music player is a Qt-based open source music player for Linux and, uniquely, for Windows.

13 April 2018
Stacer system optimiser on ubuntu 17.10

Linux Release Roundup: Amarok Sees First Release in 3 Years

The past 7 days have been pretty dang busy in Linux release land. We’ve taken a look at the best GNOME 3.28 features, recapped the latest Firefox 59 changes, and made ourselves comfortable with the latest changes to […]

17 March 2018
best linux distros 2017

The Best Linux Apps & Distros of 2017

We look at the best Linux distros and apps of 2017 and celebrate the Linux releases that defined the year, like Ubuntu 17.10, Solus 3 and Firefox 57.

14 December 2017
electron apps aren't bad

Seriously Folks, Electron Apps Aren’t That Bad…

Do you like Electron apps? Chances are you don't. In this post I list reasons why I don't think Electron apps are bad, and why haters should chill.

22 July 2017
papirus icon theme

Papirus Icon Theme Picks Up 64 New App Icons, Including Etcher, Standard Notes and InSync

Earlier this month the Papirus icon set received a small bump update, broadening the theme's app coverage and fixing a few mis-named glyphs in the process.

27 June 2017
clean ubuntu system

Ubunsys Gives Ubuntu Users Easy Access to Scary Options

Today I came across Ubunsys, an advanced system utility for Ubuntu 17.04, and I think power users among you may find it useful. Ubunsys, which is under active development and not yet considered stable, exposes various […]

9 June 2017