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purism librem 5

Linux Phone Crowdfunding Campaign Just Passed 50% Of Its Goal with a Month Left

Purism’s Linux phone crowdfunding campaign has now passed 50% of its overall goal. It seems that getting the backing of both GNOME and KDE has given the Librem 5 campaign a boost of publicity, and a […]

27 September 2017
steam linux tux

Prepare for The Infection: Left 4 Dead 2 Goes Stable on Linux

Trigger-fingers, hazmat suits, and co-op strategies at the ready: Left 4 Dead 2 is now officially available on Steam for Linux.

4 July 2013
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6 Days Left to Help Fund Angry Birds Style Linux Game

I'm always slightly weary of promoting kick-starter projects. The cynic in me is always predicting vapourware. But sometimes it's worth putting your faith in a project - particularly when it's backed by someone with good standing within the wider community, and their project happens to look and sound as awesome as this. Say hello to 'P*ssed off Penguins'.

12 December 2011

Ambiance Theme for KDE [Download]

Ever wished that your Kubuntu desktop looked a little bit more like Ubuntu, with its warm tones and orange highlights? Now you can...

12 February 2013
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How to Make a Docky theme [Guide]

Popular Linux theme maker half-left has created an informative how-to guide on creating Docky themes, so if you've yet to find a theme that suits your tastes entirely why not have a go at making your own?

7 February 2011
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Beautiful “Elementary” Style GNOME Shell Theme

Ubuntu user and graphic designer Half Left has put together several different Gnome-Shell themes, including this one based off of Elementary OS. I don’t know about you, but personally I’m a total Gnome-Shell hater. However, […]

15 August 2010

Upgrading from Ubuntu 20.04? Look Out for These Features in 22.04

We spotlight 20 major changes from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 LTS, from the new desktop experience, screenshot tool, theme changes, and lots more — check it out!

8 April 2022
Firefox unimpressed emoji

I Hate to Say It, But Firefox: You’re Becoming Annoying

Firefox tells me about Mozilla VPN every time I open the browser. In this post I let off some steam about it, and detail how to disable it.

30 December 2021

How to Snap Windows to Corners in Ubuntu (Aka Quarter Tiling)

You can snap windows to corners in Ubuntu using WinTile, a quarter tiling extension for GNOME Shell. In this post we look at the add-on in more detail.

1 July 2021

Meet System76’s First Mechanical Keyboard

The System76 Launch is a new configurable mechanical keyboard from the makers of Pop!_OS. The keyboard isn't cheap, but it is powerful. Learn more about it.

13 May 2021
Geary 40 mobile mode

Geary 40 Released with Responsive UI, Performance Tweaks

Geary 40 has been released. In this post we look at what's changed in this release, as well as the new features that developers have added.

25 April 2021
calibre 5.0 ebook highlighting

Calibre 5 Released with eBook Highlighting, Switches to Python 3

Calibre, the popular eBook manager, editor, and reader recently gained some new features. We look at what's new in Calibre 5.0.1 and show you how to get it.

27 September 2020