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new features in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu Sees Sense, Will Support Indicator Applets in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 17.10 will have GNOME Shell indicator applet support by default. Hurrah for sanity! The results of the GNOME desktop user survey made it crystal clear that, alongside a visible desktop dock, Ubuntu uses want legacy system tray […]

23 August 2017
budgie applets

Budgie Desktop User? Here’s 5 Applets You Should Be Using

Are you a Budgie desktop user wanting to add a bit more functionality to your nimble, lightweight desktop? Well you can, by adding Budgie applets. Budgie applets are like little souped-up mini-apps that live in […]

24 June 2017
gnome shell indicators

How To Use Indicator Applets on GNOME Shell

You can see, use and integrate Indicator Applets with GNOME Shell using a single GNOME extension. Once enabled, it's hard to know to spot the difference!

17 March 2017
cinnamon desktop

4 Useful Cinnamon Desktop Applets

The Cinnamon desktop is pretty great to use thanks to its sleek, simple layout. But by adding Cinnamon applets you can make it even better.

24 October 2016

How to Enable System Tray Applets in Ubuntu 11.04

Can't live without Shutter/Dropbox/Opera/insert-other-app-here sitting in Natty's system panel? Quick fix ahoy.

15 March 2011

The OMG! Ubuntu! Guide to the Best Indicator Applets (Updated for 11.10)

The default desktop of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal will not support traditional GNOME panel applets as many of us have become accustomed. In their place sit 'Application Panel Indicators' - a new breed of notification area entries designed to be consistent and unified in look and function thus leading to a desktop more in tune with itself and with its users.

18 January 2011
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openSUSE opens up towards Ubuntu’s Indicator Applets

openSUSE users intrigued by Ubuntu’s popular desktop applets will soon be able to install and use them on their own desktop.

6 January 2011
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indicator applets now work with awn

Ubuntu’s Indicator Applets now work with the latest testing version of popular Dock AWN. The port, an oft-requested feature by AWN users, now allows users to benefit from some of the unique features Application indicators […]

14 June 2010
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What indicator applets were made for: Mock-up Power Manager Applet for Ubuntu

Power management in Ubuntu is a largely poor effort. As Ubuntu stretches it's leg in the field of mobile computing devices; users need a more coherent and accessible way to control power settings. Users currently need to use 3 (!) applets in-order to manage the oft-most power-related used features of screen brightness, CPU performance and battery life indication.

9 June 2010
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Quick AWN 0.4 Overview – Panel Mode, Applets, Intellihide

AWN is a dock-like window and launcher manager for Linux. But you already know that, right? Evolution AWN 0.4. is the next major version due for release and is currently in beta for people desperate […]

5 December 2009

Ubuntu 19.10 Flavours Hit Beta, Here’s What’s New

Hot on the heels of the Ubuntu 19.10 beta come freshly spun test builds from Ubuntu’s family of flavours, including Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu. By now we now have a pretty solid idea of the […]

27 September 2019
essential keyboard shortcuts

14 Essential Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts (Plus Cheat Sheet!)

Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts help improve your productivity by making repetitive, repeated tasks faster and easier to perform. You probably already know a stack of keyboard shortcuts already because general actions like copy (ctrl + c), […]

14 September 2019