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Ubuntu is Axing the Partner Repo Nobody Uses

Ubuntu wants to close the Canonical Partner repository ahead of the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release. This isn't a shock as it's been empty for more than a year.

14 hours ago

GNOME Shell is Getting Redesigned Volume/Brightness Pop Ups

GNOME devs plan a revamp of GNOME Shell's on-screen display indicators to make them more compact and more in keeping with the latest design changes.


An Official Yaru Theme for Cinnamon? Oh Yes — Here’s What It Looks Like

I check out work on an official Yaru theme for the Cinnamon desktop environment. How well does Ubuntu's stock theme suit this desktop? I find out.

mutter-rounded on ubuntu 21.10

‘Mutter Rounded’ Gives Apps a Translucent Blur Effect on Ubuntu

It's a bit showy but I can't deny that I'm partial to a bit of translucency on the desktop. This patch for Mutter brings an opaque sheen to GTK apps.


The Next Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest Needs to Focus on Quality

A new Ubuntu LTS is on the way, and so too is a wallpaper contest to select backgrounds for it. But is it time Ubuntu took wallpapers more seriously?


GNOME Shell ‘Extensions Manager’ App Gets a Big Ol’ Update

Remember that new app for installing GNOME extensions I wrote about earlier this month? Well, it just got its first major update. And it adds a ton of much-requested features. For those unfamiliar with it, […]


Add Playback Controls to the Spotify Dock Icon in Ubuntu

I show you how to add a right-click context menu to the Spotify icon on the Ubuntu Dock. This lets you access next/prev and play/pause options directly.


Early Look at GNOME Shell’s New Look

We run through the many design tweaks made to GNOME Shell for the GNOME 42 release due for release in March. From darker colours to tighter margins.


How to Install Papirus Icon Theme on Ubuntu

Give the Ubuntu desktop a new look and feel by installing the Papirus icon theme. The icon set covers thousands of apps and can be installed from a PPA.


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