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Terminal Tip: ‘duf’ is Prettier Alternative to the ‘df’ Command

I wouldn’t call myself a command line ninja but I do have a soft spot for getting things done using a CLI. At the end of 2021 I wrote a list of the best command […]

3 hours ago
bluemail email client screenshot

BlueMail E-Mail Client Gets a Makeover, Support for Wayland

BlueMail is a free, proprietary e-mail client with Linux builds. It supports most mail providers and protocols, has a large feature set, and now a new look.

6 hours ago
pitivi video editor

Pitivi Video Editor Adds Beat Detection, Object Tracking + More

A new development version of Pitivi video editor is out and it boasts some major new features. The GTK-based video editor is currently in the midst of a GTK4 port as part of this year’s […]

firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 102 Adds GeoClue Support on Linux, Improves PDF Viewer

Mozilla Firefox 102 is out with a host of small but welcome improvements, including support for GeoClue geo-location detection on Linux desktops — nice!


GNOME Devs Bring New List View to Nautilus File Manager

Rubber banding, a cute animation, and fixes for several long-standing inconsistencies feature in the latest development builds of the Nautilus file manager.


New Version of ArcMenu GNOME Extension Released

Various enhancements are on offer in the latest version of ArcMenu, a popular GNOME Shell extension that adds a traditional app menu to the GNOME desktop.


Access GNOME Shell’s Advanced Settings Easily with Shell Configurator

Shell Configurator is a GNOME extension that lets you access and adjust advanced settings for GNOME Shell, including animation speed and OSD position.

clapper video player on ubuntu 22.04

Clapper GTK Video App Bags Performance Boost in Latest Update

We look at the latest improvements to Clapper, a slick GTK4/libadwaita media player designed for GNOME desktops and has experimental Pipewire support.


Chertan is a Cool Circular Conky Theme for Linux Desktops

When I began writing his post I thought it'd take 10 mins: show a conky, give the download link, walk through the installation. Two hours later, this post.


Flameshot Screenshot Tool Just Added Even More Features

When it comes to screenshot tools for Linux nothing rivals the feature set offered by the Qt-based Flameshot — and the app just got a major update.

22 June 2022
linux lite thumbnail

Linux Lite 6.0 Released, Based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Linux Lite 6.0 is out based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Linux 5.15, and Xfce 4.16. There's a new theme, a new system monitor, and a huge web browser change.

21 June 2022

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